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Friday, June 13, 2014

MAC Lipsticks: Goddess of the Sea, Viva Glam Rihanna, Heroine & more! (June 2014 Haul)

hey u! so before i get started, i just need to vent. this morning i went to the MAC store to buy a few MAC lipsticks from the Kelly Osbourne Collection BUT by the time i arrived, they were all sold out! i was sooo bummed out! it totally ruined my morning. i know they're just lipsticks but still... anyhow, after a while, i got over it.
so today's post will be on my most recent MAC lipstick purchases. yes, it's HAUL time!
i bought a few of them about 4 months ago while the rest i purchased within the past month or so. 

Swatches: (L-R: Fresh Moroccan, Shanghai Spice, Heroine, Sushi Kiss, Viva Glam Rihanna, Sweet & Sour, Dreaming Dahlia, Razzledazzler, and Goddess of the Sea.) 

i know i kinda splurged a little but since i was pregnant i decided to treat myself before my baby arrived bcuz i knew that once she was born, all of my funds would go towards her and only her. but that's alright bcuz my baby girl is sooo worth it! hands down!  =) 
and what can i say about the MAC lipsticks... they're great! i love them all. i'm definitely content with the variety of colors that i chose bcuz i have a different shade for each day/mood, lol.
believe it or not, there are still a few MAC lipsticks that i need to get my hands on! too many to name.
so what are your favorite MAC lipsticks? which would you recommend?
once again, thanks for stopping by! until next time...

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