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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Accessories Of The Day: 9-15-12 AOTD

hey u! so this past weekend my hubby and i attended a baptism, which gave me a reason to "dress up", so i was very excited. the reason i say that is because most of my life i've been a tomboy so i never really dress "girly" or wear any accessories. and lately i've been dying to sport different accessories so this was the perfect opportunity. the only downside to this was that i realized that i didn't have much of a selection to choose from. but at least now i know what to add to my bday/xmas/anniv wishlist this year. yay!  =)  

i wore brown capris slacks with a teal top along with these butterfly earrings and this cute charm bracelet. and i finished off my outfit with this super cute clutch, which i got for xmas last year. it's from Charlotte Russe! on my feet i wore a pair of open toe sandals with a small heel, perfect to walk in all night long. and as always, i splashed on some of my favorite perfume, Carolina Herrera 212. i never leave home without it! since i take forever to get ready, i didn't have any time to style my hair so i just wore it down. but after drinking a few Coronas i got hot and put my hair up in a ponytail....FAIL. lol! my hubby and i had an awesome time. the food was amazing and they played good music! i can't wait to go out again! until next time...thx for stopping by!

*butterfly kisses*


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9-18-12 EOTD - Wet n' Wild Greed palette

hey u! this past summer i've been totally into neutral eyeshadows! i've been pairing them up with bold lip colors, which i'm loving! a few of my favorite neutral shades come from the Wet n' Wild Greed palette. i used my greed palette to create today's Eye OThe Day. =) last month i also did a tutorial with this palette but it's a different look than this EOTD because i used a black liquid eyeliner and another eyeshadow as well. (youtube.com/flutterinbutterfly23).

this WnW 6 pan palette contains three matte eyeshadows and three shimmery ones, like most six pan palettes. i used two matte shades, on my lid and crease, and one shimmery shade on my tear duct. and of course i added some lashes to dress up the look! the lashes i used are from e.l.f. i've been totally diggin' the eyelashes from eyes.lips.face! i'm glad i still have a few left. the only complaint i have about the wnw greed palette is that the purplish shadow is not pigmented at all. at least not mine. =( i've seen swatches of this eyeshadow on google and this shade looks sooo pigmented so i am a little bummed out that my shade isn't. especially since PURPLE is my favorite color! but oh well, it is what it is. until next time...
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

CHANEL Inspired Purse Giveaway Winner!

hey u! so in July i entered a CHANEL Inspired Purse Giveaway on you tube, hosted by Misela: MakeupByMisela, and to my surprise i won! yipee! <3 it's always exciting to win something bcuz it feels like xmas came early. =)  and since i've been on the hunt for a black purse, this giveaway prize really came in handy! this CHANEL inspired purse is black with gold chain wrapped around the strap. the strap is adjustable so it can be worn over the shoulder or on your arm. 

i've mainly owned black purses but in the past couple years i've gravitated towards colorful ones. and i recently noticed that i don't own any black purses anymore so i'm beyond exstatic to add this pretty handbag to my collection. although this purse is medium size, it is very spacious! it has several compartments to fit all the necessities. it's perfect for everyday use or for a night out, whether it be a girls night out or date night. so with that being said, i can't wait to start using this handbag. and since i've been loving purses lately, i know what i'll be aking Santa for this Christmas! =) thanks again Misela! i really do appreciate it! <3 until next time... 
thanks for stopping by! 

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wet n' Wild Purple~licious Lips

hey u! so i recently started combining lip colors, which i never did before bcuz i was too ocd about getting my lipsticks dirty :/ lol, and i've been loving it! not only am i creating new shades but i'm also using lipsticks that i haven't used before, due to the fact that i didn't like that color. so now i can honestly say that i use all the lipsticks that i own. this summer i've been totally loving wet n' wild cosmetics! mainly their eyeshadows, mega last lip colors, and their blushes! the two mega last lip colors, by wet n' wild, that i combined are Ravin' Raisin 916D and Dollhouse Pink 967. 

i applied Ravin' Raisin to the outer corners and Dollhouse Pink in the center. then i just used my lips to blend the two colors together. although the two lip colors are beautiful, individually, i think they are prettier when used together! i'm really diggin' this lipstick combo bcuz i love me some purple! i've been wearing this combo for the past couple weeks. i'm so excited to start combining other lip colors! my sister purchased Ravin' Raisin at her local Albertsons and gave it to me and Dollhouse Pink was a gift from my awesome friend Emily M. = SuPpErMiZzFrEsH86. thanks again Q! <3 
thx for stopping by! until next time...
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