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Friday, August 3, 2012

ULTA Sun-Sational nail lacquer

hey u! so today i went to Ulta to get my free, level 1, reward. i chose a nail lacquer by Ulta. this creme formula nail polish is a bright color which is perfect for summer! 

the name of this Ulta brand nail lacquer is Sun-Sational. and it's just as bright as the sun. lol ;)

when i first applied it on my nail, i noticed that it was streaky. so i waited a minute before applying a second coat, which made all the difference in the world.

then i applied a top coat to give it a little shine since it kind of has a matte finish, in my opinion.

one thing that did kinda bug me was the fact that the top was loose and didnt close properly. :/ other than that, i liked this bright shade, but im glad i got it for free bcuz i dont think i would have bought it on my own. it currently retails for $6.00USD at your local ULTA store or website.
thx for stopping by! 

*butterfly kisses*