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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wet n' Wild Purple~licious Lips

hey u! so i recently started combining lip colors, which i never did before bcuz i was too ocd about getting my lipsticks dirty :/ lol, and i've been loving it! not only am i creating new shades but i'm also using lipsticks that i haven't used before, due to the fact that i didn't like that color. so now i can honestly say that i use all the lipsticks that i own. this summer i've been totally loving wet n' wild cosmetics! mainly their eyeshadows, mega last lip colors, and their blushes! the two mega last lip colors, by wet n' wild, that i combined are Ravin' Raisin 916D and Dollhouse Pink 967. 

i applied Ravin' Raisin to the outer corners and Dollhouse Pink in the center. then i just used my lips to blend the two colors together. although the two lip colors are beautiful, individually, i think they are prettier when used together! i'm really diggin' this lipstick combo bcuz i love me some purple! i've been wearing this combo for the past couple weeks. i'm so excited to start combining other lip colors! my sister purchased Ravin' Raisin at her local Albertsons and gave it to me and Dollhouse Pink was a gift from my awesome friend Emily M. = SuPpErMiZzFrEsH86. thanks again Q! <3 
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