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Saturday, September 8, 2012

CHANEL Inspired Purse Giveaway Winner!

hey u! so in July i entered a CHANEL Inspired Purse Giveaway on you tube, hosted by Misela: MakeupByMisela, and to my surprise i won! yipee! <3 it's always exciting to win something bcuz it feels like xmas came early. =)  and since i've been on the hunt for a black purse, this giveaway prize really came in handy! this CHANEL inspired purse is black with gold chain wrapped around the strap. the strap is adjustable so it can be worn over the shoulder or on your arm. 

i've mainly owned black purses but in the past couple years i've gravitated towards colorful ones. and i recently noticed that i don't own any black purses anymore so i'm beyond exstatic to add this pretty handbag to my collection. although this purse is medium size, it is very spacious! it has several compartments to fit all the necessities. it's perfect for everyday use or for a night out, whether it be a girls night out or date night. so with that being said, i can't wait to start using this handbag. and since i've been loving purses lately, i know what i'll be aking Santa for this Christmas! =) thanks again Misela! i really do appreciate it! <3 until next time... 
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