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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CVS Haul - Lipstick Holder

hey u! so a few days ago i stopped by CVS, to walk around and browse, and guess what i found? well, i found these cute, heavy duty lipstick holders! these lipstick holders hold up to 9 lipsticks of your choice, whether they're round or square in shape. the container is clear and it has 3 tiers.  =)

coincidentally i was on the hunt for some makeup storage because my makeup is pretty much scattered all over the floor and i desperately need some organization...ASAP!  :/  lol.

so needless to say that i was ecstatic when i saw these lipstick holders. CVS currently sells them for $4.99 USD each. i purchased 2 @ $4.99 USD/each but i had a 20% off coupon so instead of paying $9.98 USD i only paid $7.98 USD! gotta love coupons!  =)  i'm currently waiting for my next coupon from CVS so that i can go back and purchase some more! i'm thinking maybe 3 or 4 more...but we'll see. i also kinda wanna go to Target and Walmart, to see if they have any lipstick containers or any other type of makeup storage, before buying anymore of these lipstick holders from CVS. you know, just in case they have bigger containers and/or better deals.
thanks for stopping by! until next time!...  =)

*butterfly kisses*