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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10-3-12 EOTD - Wet n' Wild Vanity palette

hey u! =) so today the hubs and i went out to eat and this was the Eye Of The Day that i sported. i used my Wet n' Wild Vanity palette, which i wore religiously this past summer 2012!
i used four eyeshadows from the Vanity palette: the three matte eyeshadows and the bottom shimmery shadow. my lashes, by eylure #205, finished off this 'daytime smoky' look. i was pretty content with the outcome of this look considering we only went out to grab a quick bite to eat. this is usually a look i sport when i go out at night. i love this palette because since the colors are more on the neutral side, there are a variety of looks that can be created! it's just too bad that this palette is no longer available. hopefully Wet n' Wild will come out with something similar, in the near future. now that i've done a look for each of the four Wet n' Wild 6 pan palettes, i think i'll move on to their limited edition springtime eyeshadow trios! stay tuned for that! and as always, thanks for stopping by! until next time...

*butterfly kisses*